Recall The Little Hours Movie!

This YouTube movie, The Little Hours, streaming worldwide, insults Catholic nuns and their admirable and joyful practice of holy chastity for love of God, hatred of the devil, and sacrifice for the salvation of souls.

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Protest! Satanic "Black Mass" at City-Owned Theatre

Please sign our petition urging "The J" theatre to cancel the Satanic "Black Mass."

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Restore the Sacraments

As the nation suffers under the coronavirus crisis, we, the undersigned from around the country, ask that you kindly give the Catholic faithful access to churches, chapels, adoration chapels and the possibility to receive the Sacraments.

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Stop Amazon from Selling Offensive Bath Products

Amazon is selling bath products which feature images of Christ to be used in the basest ways, as bathmats, for example. Amazon has removed similar products which featured quotes from the Quran because it offended Muslims. Yet, it continues to offend the King of kings Who died on the Cross to redeem Mankind. Please sign our petition, urging Amazon to remove its blasphemous bath pro

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