Stop Amazon from Selling Offensive Bath Products

Amazon is selling bath products which feature images of Christ to be used in the basest ways, as bathmats, for example. Amazon has removed similar products which featured quotes from the Quran because it offended Muslims. Yet, it continues to offend the King of kings Who died on the Cross to redeem Mankind. Please sign our petition, urging Amazon to remove its blasphemous bath pro

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Stop the Disfigurement of Notre Dame!

After the fire destroyed the spire and the roof of Notre-Dame de Paris, Mr. Emmanuel Macron plans to rebuild it in a modernist fashion. The only solution worthy of this jewel of Christian Civilisation is a faithful restoration to its former beauty. Tell Mr. Emmanuel Macron and his Minister of Culture that you oppose their horrendous plans by immediately signing this petition.


ome architects, such as Olivier Leclercq, want to reinterpret the slender spire of Viollet-le-Duc by imagining "for example, a hole with a kind of arrow in negative from below". According to Professor Babeau, president of l’Institut Sapiens, "others propose to replace the boring roof providentially gone up in smoke by a magnificent greenhouse that would be a transparent secular space".

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Puca Festival: Ireland

The Púca festival de-sensitises people to the occult, opening their souls for full acceptance of paganism. We respectfully request that the Bishops of Ireland and especially of those Dioceses which include the counties of Meath and Louth to warn the faithful of this pagan festival and not to participate in it but instead to commemorate the real Irish festivals of All Souls and All Saints.

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Sign Petition to Cancel Blasphemous Play

'Makin a Holy Show of Yerself' attacks Our Lord, Our Lady, the saints, and the Holy Eucharist. It is scheduled to be shown in Dublin and in Waterford later this year. The description begins by inviting people to "Throw away the sins of the world with a comedy mass like no other" and to expect "confessions with Jesus, Mary and Joseph." Even the Blessed Sacrament is blasphemed. Urge the venues to cancel these horrendous blasphemies.

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Give Asylum to Asia Bibi

She spent eight years in a Pakistani prison. But after numerous interventions by international organisations, Asia Bibi was acquitted. However, because Islamic fanatics threaten to kill her, she still cannot leave prison.That is why we are asking the Irish authorities to intervene diplomatically and offer asylum Asia Bibi and her family.

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