Recall The Little Hours Movie!


Dear Friend of Purity and Holy Chastity,

This YouTube movie, The Little Hours, streaming worldwide, insults Catholic nuns and their admirable and joyful practice of holy chastity for love of God, hatred of the devil, and sacrifice for the salvation of souls.

Read below how crassly the main actresses and actor sum up their movie…and then PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR PROTEST MESSAGE >>>>>

In the words of Ms. Brie and co-actresses Aubrey Plaza, Kate Micucci, Molly Shannon, and actor Dave Franco, interviewed together by IMDb and reported in the Calgary Herald:

IMDb: Who wants to tell me what the movie is about other than like it’s nuns doing naughty?
Alison Brie: It is that. It’s about a servant boy, a young servant boy played by Dave Franco, who escapes certain death and hides out at a nunnery pretending to be a deaf mute, and then all the nuns try to [expletive deleted] him.

IMDb: This is a comedy set when?
Molly Shannon: 1347.
Dave Franco: And I think that’s what adds to the humor too is that it looks stunning, the wardrobe, the hair, it’s all like time-accurate, but then it’s a movie about –– a guy [expletive deleted]-ing nuns. It just adds to the joke.

America Needs Fatima:
 Lying about and mocking the chastity of Catholic nuns and then distributing an impure film depicting such is not a joke, Mr. Franco. It’s base and reflects hell.

Please Send Your PETITION NOW >>>>>

Mr. Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google;
     (parent co. of YouTube)
Mr. Van Toffler, CEO, Gunpowder & Sky

   I strongly oppose your distribution and promotion of the film The Little Hours.

   This film wrongly features priests and nuns taking part in immoral acts and using foul language.

   And it offends God, the holy Catholic faith of over a billion Catholics, and me! Gentlemen, why do you promote mockery of holy chastity?

   Promote virtue, not vice!

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