Restore the Sacraments

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Things to remember:


Online services can never be a replacement for actual attendance. Confession cannot be done online or over the phone.


We cannot allow the current situation to become the “new normal”. After such a prolonged hiatus, how many will return to Sunday Mass?





Your Excellencies:

As the nation suffers under the coronavirus crisis, we, the undersigned from around the country, ask that you kindly give the Catholic faithful access to churches, chapels, adoration chapels and the possibility to receive the Sacraments.


The faithful’s access to these hallowed places will be a constant invitation for them to pray there for relief from the great tribulation affecting Ireland.


We submit respectfully that creative and inspired ways can be found that accommodate the faithful’s need for the Sacraments and prayer while ensuring that churches do not become a source of infection.


Your granting of this church access and the implementation of appropriate safety protocols can simultaneously provide for the spiritual and physical health of the faithful.


We can then beseech God to have mercy upon Ireland and put an end to this scourge that afflicts the nation.

Commending ourselves to your prayers and humbly requesting your blessing, we remain, ever faithfully yours,


In Jesus and Mary,