Protest! Satanic "Black Mass" at City-Owned Theatre

According to reports:

"The Noosa Satanists are planning a Satanic Black Mass on 30th October at The J theatre to mark Halloween. Not even a pandemic can keep the devil from his favourite holiday destination.

"Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon -- or, as he’s known outside the Noosa Temple of Satan, LGBTI activist and former Sex Party candidate Robin Bristow -- suspects it may be the first public black mass in Queensland and he has invited along local politicians."
'Satan has great plans for the Principality of Noosa and Australia,' the invite says. 'Join us in fellowship as we perform this ancient ritual where the Dark Lord is summoned through Satanic invocations.'"


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I protest against the Satanic "Black Mass" that is scheduled for October 30, at The J Theatre, owned by the Noosa Shire Council. This state-supported blasphemy is an attack on Catholics everywhere, and is a serious offence against God. I urge you to cancel this event immediately. Anti-Christian, Satanic hatred is religious discrimination.

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