Give Asylum to Asia Bibi


Update: There have been conflicting news reports on the current situation of Asia Bibi. Some news outlets report she has been released and flown out of the country while others, quoting the Pakistani Foreign Ministry, report she has not been flown out. Until we have confirmation that she and her family are safe from Islamic mobs, we will continue petitioning our government to offer her asylum.


She spent eight years in a Pakistani prison. But after numerous interventions by international organisations, Asia Bibi was acquitted. However, because Islamic fanatics threaten to kill her, she still cannot leave prison.


Shortly after the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted Asia Bibi, hundreds of followers of Muhammad took to the streets, shouting hateful slogans. They demanded the execution of Asia Bibi and stated they would lynch her themselves if she was not executed.


We cannot be indifferent to these events! There is a huge chance that we may save Asia Bibi. That is why we are asking the Irish authorities to intervene diplomatically and offer asylum to Asia Bibi and her family.


The more signatures you can collect, the more pressure we will exert on the representatives of our country. Do not hesitate - submit your signature and send the petition to Charles Flanagan and Simon Coveney!  

Your petition will be sent to
Charles Flanagan, Minister of Justice and Equality
Simon Coveney, Minister of Foreign Affairs


Charles Flanagan

Minister of Justice and Equality


Cc: Simon Coveney

Minister of Foreign Affairs



Dear Minister,


The Pakistani Christian, Asia Bibi, has spent the last eight years in prison in Pakistan. Her offence? A simple confession of faith in Christ in a private conversation with friends. For this reason alone she was accused of blasphemy and sentenced to death. But on 31 October 2018, the Pakistani Supreme Court decided to acquit Asia Bibi. However, she and her family are still threatened with deadly danger. Immediately after the verdict, thousands of Islamic fanatics took to the streets calling for her death.


Therefore, I am asking you to give Asia Bibi and her family asylum in Ireland, a country where they can live freely!


I realise that Asia Bibi would have to ask for asylum, but I am convinced that after eight years in prison, she may not be able to organise everything herself. That is why I am appealing to you to contact her with an offer to organise legal and logistic help.


We have no time to lose. Asia Bibi and her family members can become the target of assassins any day. I trust that you will rise to the task and help save the lives of innocent people persecuted for their faith.



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