Stop the Disfigurement of Notre Dame!

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After a fire destroyed the spire and the roof of Notre-Dame de Paris, Mr. Emmanuel Macron plans to rebuild it in a modernist fashion.


Some architects competing for the job, such as Olivier Leclercq, want to reinterpret the slender spire of Viollet-le-Duc by imagining "for example, a hole with a kind of arrow in negative from below".


According to Professor Babeau, president of l’Institut Sapiens, "others propose to replace the boring roof providentially gone up in smoke by a magnificent greenhouse that would be a transparent secular space".


Notre-Dame de Paris is not a laboratory for experiments in modernist architecture but a Cathedral consecrated to God for His worship. 


Therefore, the only solution worthy of this jewel of Christian Civilisation is a faithful restoration to its former beauty.


Tell Mr. Emmanuel Macron and his Minister of Culture that you oppose their horrendous plans by immediately signing this petition.

Mister President,

Minister of Culture,


The commotion produced all over the world by the fire of Notre Dame and the fall of its spire generates in all countries an enthusiastic impulse to see it restored.

I learned with amazement that you are considering a "contemporary architectural gesture" for its reconstruction and that a competition of architects will be opened.

To risk introducing contemporary art in Notre Dame would disfigure this symbol of medieval art which amazes 13 million visitors every year. It would be an attack on the Christian identity of France that would taint your government forever.

I associate myself with the French who venerate Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as bequeathed to us through its nine centuries of history, asking you to give up your projects and have it restored identically as it was.

Mr. President, Mr. Minister of Culture, please be assured of my highest esteem.