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Makin A Holy Show Of Yerself, hosted by The Reg Restaurant in Waterford and Drop Dead Twice in Dublin, attacks Our Lord, Our Lady, the saints and even makes a parody of the Holy Eucharist and the Mass. Urge the management of the venues to stop offending Catholics and cancel these events.


Drop Dead Twice in Dublin is planning to host this blasphemous event on 23 March and The Reg in Waterford was going to host the event 31 March but has pulled any information on the show from the internet as of now.

WARNING: Read with Caution.

The description begins by inviting people to "Throw away the sins of the world with a comedy mass like no other" and to expect "confessions with Jesus, Mary and Joseph." Included in the ticket is a "A complimentary glass of holy water" and a "Live DJ set from The Pope" These are terrible and disgusting insults to Jesus and Mary!

The venues to organise the events are:


The Reg / Waterford
Address: 2 The Mall, Waterford, X91 W866
Phone: +353 51 583000


Drop Dead Twice / Dublin
Address: 18-19 Francis Street, Dublin
Phone: +353 1 901 1315

To: Donal O’Brien, General Manager of The Reg

& David O'Malley, Director of Drop Dead Twice


With my whole heart and soul, I express full, complete and vehement rejection of your announced event 'Makin A Holy Show Of Yerself', for openly attacking the good name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Lady, the saints and the Catholic Faith.

'Makin A Holy Show Of Yerself' is full of vile and disgusting attacks against the Holy Eucharist, Our Lady and the saints. As such, it is extremely offensive and upsetting for faithful Catholics.

I urge you to cancel this event which offends Catholics nationwide and attacks God.