Puca Festival: Ireland

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The Puca Festival:

  • Revives paganism, long overthrown by the light of Catholicism.
  • Attempts to transform the Land of Saints and Scholars, into the "Home of Halloween".
  • Yet another cultural attack on the Catholic feastdays of All Souls & All Saints.
  • Desensitises people towards the occult, ugliness and opens their souls to paganism

While it is true that before the coming of Christianity, Ireland had many pagan practices born of ignorance and absence of the true faith, their demise rather than their existence should be the principal cause of joy for those enlightened by the Gospel. It was in fact in Ireland’s “Ancient East” – on the hill of Slane – that St. Patrick brought the light of the Gospel in a unique and demonstrable way to our country.


Those who try to drag Catholics away from their Faith often use culture to further their message. The Púca festival de-sensitises people to paganism, opening their souls for full acceptance of paganism. Many ask what has happened to the faith of our fathers, commemorated in public as well as in ecclesial gatherings in Ireland for so many years.  We cannot be content to see Catholic commemorations replaced by their antithesis.

Your petition will be sent to the Catholic bishops of Ireland.

Your Excellencies,


It is with concern that we note the coming event known as Púca Festival, taking place from 31st October to 2nd November. The Púca festival de-sensitises people to the occult, opening their souls for full acceptance of paganism. The festival is described by its organisers as “a new festival to celebrate the origins of Halloween and Ireland’s Ancient East as its birthplace.”

We strongly believe that followers of Christ cannot take part in such a pagan celebration and we respectfully request that the Bishops of Ireland and especially of those Dioceses which include the counties of Meath and Louth to alert the faithful of this pagan festival and to exhort them not to participate in it.


Such a warning and guidance from our Church leaders will help Catholics and all people of goodwill by representing a powerful witness to the hope in Christ which we hold so dear, both for this life and for the world to come.

Respectfully yours in Christ,